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Since 2005, Muhammad Nayab has conducted over 200 pieces of training and coaching sessions on Enterprise Development, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Personal Impact, Conflict Management, Decision-Making, Team-Building, Career Counseling & CV Writing, Gender and Development, Motivation, Creativity and Persuasion, Sales and Customer Services Skills.

  • 15 years of leadership, management, consulting, sales, teaching & training experience by leading a team of 10-50 people
  • 3-year experience in sales, management & accounting with the corporate sector
  • 9 years of experience in the Development Sector, NGOs, and LSOs in different key roles.
  • Serial entrepreneur in consulting, IT, and education since 2005
  • Consultant to InLine Consulting, ECI, and PACE
  • Founder/CEO of InLine Consulting Chitral
  • ECI Certified Trainer for Enterprise Development Training (EDT) programs
  • Trained and coached over 4000 trainees in 5 years (2012-19) on a wide variety of topics including leadership development, youth life skills, youth support services, enterprise development.